Sunday, July 1, 2012

July 2012 Sketch

Hello there!

Time sure flies!  We are in July already!  Pretty soon Christmas is here!  

Today is a start of another sketch here at Kimbee's Creations!  It seems only yesterday I started this little challenge of mine!  We are on sketch #6 already!  Wow!  I know I said this many times already but I want to say it again because I am seriously so grateful for everyone's support!  If anyone has any suggestions, comments, ideas about my sketches, I would love to hear them!  Are they easy to follow?  Too complicated?  Just right?  Need more samples?  Any and all comments are welcome!

I didn't forget about the past winners.  :)  Here they are!  If you are on this list, please email me at with  your contact info and I will send you a little something, just my way of thanking you for your support!

April 2012: Thanh Vo
May 2012: Lacey Stephens
Julne 2012: Karen I.

Here is this month's sketch!  Sample to come soon!

Some of you already knew (from FB) but for those who don't know, my baby boy was born last month.  He is six weeks old now!  He's growing up so fast! 

I am slowly trying to get back to crafting.  The key word:  TRY.  LOL So far it has been pretty difficult to find time but I am TRYING to adjust to my new "schedule".  I will need to adjust again once I go back to work.

I have quite a few posts  planned ahead so please do come back soon to see what I have to share!

Have fun with this sketch!  Have a fabulous day!
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Denice said...

Congrats on the birth of your son Kim...hope you're both adjusting well!
This is a gorgeous sketch...I can't wait to work with it!

Sonia said...

Hi Kris
Lovely sketch. Sometimes I draw sketch but I don't know how to add colors and look like I see here.
I don't you have your baby... Congrats!
Greetings from Puerto Rico