Sunday, March 2, 2014

Your Next Stamp Guest

Hello everyone!  

I know you guys are super surprised to see me posting!  I mean, I haven't been blogging since the beginning of the year!  We are in March already!  lol

Just like everyone else, family and work kept me busy.  The other reason for the lack of posts is I pretty much lost my motivation in stamping.  Its' really hard to pick it up again when I haven't been creating in months!

I was scheduled to guest for Your Next Stamp a while back and I am so glad!  It is a chance for me to pick up where I left off! 

Procrastination is my middle name so of course I waited until the very last minute to work on a project for today's post.  I did attempt to start early but my family has been taking turns getting sick!  Hubby and I got sick first, then my daughter and now the two boys!  I think I may be getting sick again.  My throat is scratchy and I have been having runny nose.  :( 

Today, I have a gift card holder to share.  I used Ellie with Pressies.  I made a few gift card holder a long while back so all I did was color the image and decorate it.  lol

I will be sharing a few more YNS cards this month so stay tuned!

A special thanks to all my followers!  Thanks for sticking around even when I took a long break from my blog!  

Please do share your thoughts or even just to say hi!


TheBeccajb said...

Glad to see you back! Great project!

Denice said...

LOL, I started making a few gc holders too.....just waiting for an image!
How sweet is this girlie.
Nice to have you back, even only for a month.

Leanne said...

Oh so cute Kim!! I'm so glad your back, hopefully your house will be feeling better soon!! I've missed you!!