Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wild Things Challenge

This week's Farm Fresh Friday is a sketch by Cindy plus using one of Marina's images. I decided to go with Ivy Xmas Tree....very cute image.

I meant to make this card last weekend but got too busy and made it last night, right before the deadline. So as you can see, the coloring on this one is not too good. I was rushing it.

So what I did this last weekend besides the show, meeting with Irina and Lisa? I went car shopping! Nope, no new car yet. But I can tell you this, Audi has the WORST and I mean WORST customer service! The online reviews are totally right on! Oh, I just want to make it clear, it's the PASADENA AUDI DEALERSHIP. They want you to pay for something you haven't even seen! And no, they don't care what the customer thinks, what the customer wants, what are the customers requests. All I asked was that I see the car first before starting the paperwork process and the floor manager went on and asked what's the difference if I see the car first or not, how often do we purchase a car....lots of ridiculous stuff. I am just a working class person, I can't afford to pay for something I never seen. What if I don't like it? Well, after what seemed like hours of nonsense, I told me hubby to get up and we walked out! Yup, I did most of the talking. I got up, thank him, told him to call us when he has the car and walked out! I have never have such bad experience with a manager before. You get so much better service at MB and BMWs.

Anyway, thanks for listening and hope I didn't bore anyone!


Kris said...

wow Kim! how rude of him... and the manager yet! you'd think they'd be considerate since we all are in hard times... sorry that was a great experience! but on a better note, this card is fabulous! and what is wrong with the coloring?! i think it's awesome!!! good job!! hugs, Kris

Penny D. said...

Your card came out beautifully!!!! I love it.

Sorry to hear about the car dealer. I find there aren't many places out there with good customer service and I am always surprised when I find any place was good cs

Cindy Haffner said...

Kim your card is so sweet, awesome job.

Jodi said...

That's so unfortunate, but then's a car salesman! LOL! I would walk out too. I hope that you will find a better place to get your car and hope that the service is way better too!
I love this card you made, so cute!! I will send your card on friday. sorry got soooo busy with things.
Jodi =)

PaperCrafty said...

Very cute card!! Kim, I am so sorry about your 'wonderful' experience!! That is one of the reasons I hate buying cars!!